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Cartoonists Take up Smoking started as a travelling exhibition featuring the work of editorial cartoonists taking on the tobacco industry. The exhibition traveled from coast to coast in the United States. The exhibition was featured in Alabama, Kentucky, Washington, Nebraska, New York, and Washington DC; and was hosted by a variety of organizations and institutions from Universities, museums, art galleries, capitol rotundas, cancer institutes, and international airports.

The exhibition was only able to tour thanks to the dedication of the curators and staff who compiled, packed, shipped, tracked, unloaded, set up, and exhibited the materials. Without these people this project would have not been possible. We’d also like to thank the organizations and venues that invited and hosted the exhibition.

The pins on this map will take you to pages dedicated to each venue that hosted Cartoonists Take Up Smoking.

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Association of American Editorial Cartoonists

Lexington, Kentucky

Alabama Museum of Natural History

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Alabama

Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences at UAB

Birmingham, Alabama

Seattle PATCH

Seattle, Washington

Nebraska State Capitol Rotunda

Lincoln, Nebraska

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Buffalo International Airport

Buffalo, New York

National Museum of Medicine and Health

Washington, DC

Texas Medical Center Library

Houston, Texas

Association of American Editorial Cartoonists

Toronto, Ontario
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