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  • Cartoonists Take Up Smoking!

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  • Covering Cancer?

    Cigarette advertising featured prominently in most issues of these newsweeklies from their inception to the early-2000s. This made for numerous ironic juxtapositions of front cover stories on cancer and back cover advertisements for cigarettes…

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  • Of Mice & Menthol

    This exhibit highlights the connections and illustrates the history of tobacco’s relationship with minority communities…

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  • Big Tobacco in the Big Apple

    How New York City became the Heart of the Tobacco Industry…and Anti-Smoking activism.

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  • AMA: The unfiltered truth about smoking and heath

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Cartoonists Take Up Smoking Logo This exhibition takes a trenchant look at the leading preventable cause of death and disease through the eyes of America’s newspaper editorial cartoonists. These artists satirize cigarette advertising, tobacco executives, politicians, and anti-smoking activists alike. After public health researchers began reporting on the devastating health effects of smoking in the 1930s, progress in reducing the terrible toll taken by cigarettes came about slowly because of foot-dragging by medical associations fearful of the tobacco industry’s political clout.

Exhibition debuts August 1, 2022

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