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“Making Funny for a Cause”

Review by Doug Margeson
King County (Seattle) Journal
April 4, 2005

Exhibition Program (4 pages)

Artworks Gallery
Seattle Comic Times
April 7-30, 2005

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Art Patch Project Information Packet (12 pages)

“Art should be more than a cigarette ad,” Seattle Times op-ed by Megan Kennedy;
“Fire One Up: Art Patch reclaims Seattle’s arts scene from corporate tobacco,” Real Change article by Cydney Gillis ;
“Discover the Additives-Free Alternative Death: American Success” Art Patch paid counter-ad parody of RJ Reynolds’ American Spirits cigarettes;
Misuse by RJ Reynolds of artist Michiko Stehrenberger’s BlueGirl cartoon character to sell Camel cigarettes.
April-December, 2005

Exhibition Flyer

Art Patch Project
April, 2005

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