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Spitting Tobacco

  • Addiction to spitting tobacco–chewing tobacco and snuff (or so-called “smokeless tobacco” to imply a non-burning product and less smoking)–by high school and college students remains a significant problem, especially in southern and western states. Nonetheless, the United States Smokeless Tobacco Company (UST), makers of Skoal and Copenhagen, has succeeded in promoting its products as a safe alternative to cigarettes.
  • In 2008, Altria, parent company of Philip Morris, USA, makers of the number one cigarette brand Marlboro, acquired UST. One result was the introduction of an oral tobacco product called Marlboro snus.
  • The death from salivary gland cancer of beloved Baseball Hall of Fame player Tony Gwynn (1960-2014), a longtime user of smokeless tobacco, sparked greater educational efforts in the US to curb smokeless tobacco use among teenagers, especially athletes. In 2016 Major League Baseball banned tobacco companies from giving free samples of smokeless tobacco to players in stadium locker rooms but only prohibited the use of smokeless tobacco by rookies.

Beech-Nut Foil Pack

Video clip of Beech-Nut chewing tobacco television advertisement


Video clip of Skoal chewing tobacco television advertisement featuring Charlie Daniels

Strike Out Spit Tobacco Brochure Front

“Strike Out Spit Tobacco”

Brochure published by the Medical Association of Georgia Alliance
No date

Choose Copenhagen Satisfaction Since 1822

Choose Copehagne Satisfaction Since 1822

Chewing tobacco advertisement
November 2007

Couple with Skoal Bandit tote bags at Yankee Stadium


2014 Tusc News Baseball Swings Misses Cancer wm

“Baseball swings and misses at cancer”

Editorial by Alan Blum, MD
The Tuscaloosa News
October 29, 2014

n.d. NY Observer Snus on the Loose

“Snus is on the loose! Swedish snuff beats Bloomberg tobacco ban”

Editorial by Joe Pompeo
The New York Observer
July 29, 2014

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Boyd Cartoon If You Chew You Wont

Bentley Boyd
Daily Press (Williamsburg, Virginia)
July 1997

Canaday Cartoon Baseball Playing Using Chopsticks

Joe Canaday

1980 07 10 Jimmy Johnson Jackson Daily News Chewing Tobacco May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Jimmy Johnson
Jackson Daily News
July 10, 1980

1992 09 03 David Seavey Boby Fischers Opening Move

David Seavey
USA Today
September 3, 1992

1994 Ritter Ptoooey

Mike Ritter
Tribune Newspapers, Phoenix, Arizona
April 10, 1998

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