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  • Tobacco continues to be a profitable crop in the U.S., but due to the rising cost of labor and the greater awareness of the dangers of smoking, tobacco farming is in decline.
  • Since 1998, through funds allocated under the Master Settlement Agreement negotiated between the state attorneys-general and the cigarette manufacturers, tobacco farmers have been offered a buy-out option to encourage them to plant alternative crops.
n.d. National City Bank of NY Ad America the Provider 1

The National City Bank of New York advertisement
No date

1949 07 The Progressive Farmer Anne Baxter for Chesterfield

Chesterfield advertisement featuring actress Anne Baxter
The Progressive Farmer, page 5
July 1949

1939 Lucky Strike Ad featuring tobacco auctioneer Have you tried a lucky lately

Lucky Strike magazine advertisement featuring tobacco auctioneers and growers

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Crow Cartoon Cash Crop 1
Crow Cartoon Cash Crop II 1

J. D. Crowe

“This pair of cartoons was drawn just for the show, from the perspective of a Kentucky boy who was raised in tobacco country.” ~ J. D. Crowe

n.d. Der Health Care Reform Plan 1

Lambert Der
The Houston Post
No date

Anderson Cartoon Tobacco Put My Kids Through College 1

Nick Anderson
Louisville Courier-Journal
June 12, 1994

“In Kentucky, tobacco farmers and industry flacks have long defended tobacco because of its economic benefits to the state.”

~ Nick Anderson

McCoy Cartoon Clinton Examining Tobacco Plant

Glenn McCoy of the Universal Press Syndicate
Belleville News-Democrat (Belleville, Illinois)
Circa 1994

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