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  • On April 14, 1994, Representative Henry Waxman (Democrat, California) convened the House Subcommittee on Health to consider more stringent regulation of tobacco products. The top executives of the cigarette companies were subpoenaed to appear at the hearing. Although each executive testified under oath that “nicotine is not addictive,” the publication of internal tobacco industry documents by The New York Times and other newspapers contradicted their sworn statements.
  • Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler also testified that tobacco companies manipulate the amount of nicotine in cigarettes to maintain smokers’ addiction.
1999 04 01 The New York Times Big tobacco on the run 1

“Big Tobacco, on the Run”

Editorial about numerous attacks on the tobacco industry
The New York Times, page A10
April 1, 1996

1994 04 Tobacco Executives Testifying

Tobacco company executives at a hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Health and the Environment

Photocopy of a photograph
April 1994

2001 07 07 The New York Times A jury awards a smoker with lung cancer 3 billion from Phillip Morris

“A Jury Awards a Smoker With Lung Cancer $3 Billion From Philip Morris”

News article by James Sterngold
The New York Times, page A14
June 7, 2001

1999 07 09 The Advocate Tobacco trial goes to jurors

“Tobacco trial goes to jurors”

News article by Christopher Baughman about a lawsuit brought by the family of Robert Gilboy against the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and the American Tobacco Company
The Advocate (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), pages 1B-2B
April 1994

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Herblock Cartoon Liar Liar Pants on Fire 1

Herb Block
The Washington Post, page A24
May 9, 1997

Ohman Cartoon Content of Cig 1

Jack Ohman
Comic Relief, page 12
July 1994

Harville Cartoon Nicotine Not Addictive 1

Vic Harville of Stephens Media Group
March 5, 2002

1995 Trudeau Animation Cell from Mr. Butts goes to Washington 1

“Mr. Butts Goes to Washington” [1 of 2]

Animation cell produced by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and illustrated by Garry Trudeau

“Mr. Butts Goes to Washington” [2 of 2]

Video clip of television commercial
Produced by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and illustrated by Garry Trudeau

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