The Industry

  • The tobacco industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business with interests across the globe. Tobacco is no different from most agri-business and the small tobacco farmer selling his harvest at auction is a thing of the past. Tobacco is a commodity bought and sold over massive international distribution networks.
  • In an effort to circumvent regulations against the advertising of their products,
    tobacco companies sponsor events and venues such as art galleries, theater performances, sporting events, music festivals, and more.
  • Tobacco companies have been actively diversifying their product portfolios to hedge against regulation and shifting market demands by acquiring household name brands and some companies, such as R. J. Reynolds, and re-branding themselves (to RJR Nabisco) to shed their tobacco company identities.

“Making our hometown a home…”

Philip Morris corporate advertisement
No date

“Sick Washington Bedfellows: Lobbyists Represent Health Clients and Tobacco Industry”

Doctors Ought to Care (DOC) press release
No date

“Cigar industry planning institutional p.r. effort to reverse sales trend”

News article
United States Tobacco Journal, pages 1 and 39
January 22, 1981

“Industry Is Still Prospering”

News article by Alexander R. Hammer about the industry continuing to prosper despite conclusive reports showing a link between smoking and cancer
The New York Times, page 67
January 12, 1964

“Tomorrow’s Work – The Tobacco Industry”

New York World’s Fair brochure
Sponsored by the National Youth Administration

“A responsible tobacco industry prevails”

Excerpt of an address made by Joseph Cullman, III, executive committee chairman of Philip Morris, at the annual meeting of the Tobacco Merchants Association of the U.S.
United States Tobacco Journal, page 11
June 22, 1983

Rex Babin
Times Union (Albany, New York)
No date

Ed Stein
Rocky Mountain News

Jim Morin
Miami Herald

Kirk Walters

Doug Marlette
Atlanta Constitution

David Simpson
Tulsa World
September 21, 1997

Jimmy Margulies
Houston Post
May 18, 1988

Mike Luckovich
Atlanta Constitution

Brusmic Brandon, Jr.
Florida Today

Milt Priggee
The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Washington)
June 3, 1998

Tom Englehardt
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
No date

Tom Englehardt
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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