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  • In 1946, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company introduced a campaign based on a survey of 113,597 physicians that claimed, “More Doctors Smoke Camels” than any other cigarette. This theme was repeated on radio, in the lay press, and in medical publications.
  • Tobacco companies routinely advertised in medical journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association. By 1942, the major cigarette manufacturers were exhibitors at major medical meetings including the annual convention of the American Medical Association (AMA).
  • Cigarette advertising continued to appear in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) until 1954, four years after the landmark reports on smoking and lung cancer by Doll and Hill (British Medical Journal 1950;117:39-48) in England and Wynder and Graham (JAMA 1950;143:329-36) in the United States, and 13 years after the comprehensive review of smoking and lung cancer by Ochsner and DeBakey (Archives of Surgery 1941;42:209-258). As recently as 1983, a cigarette advertisement with the slogan “Carlton is lowest” (in carcinogenic “tar” and nicotine) appeared in a mass-circulation medical publication, Physician East.

“A Report On The Findings Of A Group Of Doctors”

Philip Morris advertisement
The Saturday Evening Post, page 86
October 16, 1937

“Tell Him To Switch To Kools”

Kool cigarettes advertisement
The Saturday Evening Post
October 23, 1937

“Inhale to your heart’s content!”

Embassy cigarettes advertisement

“On Request: Smoking Studies”

Philip Morris advertisement
New York State Journal of Medicine, page 1425
Circa 1938

“The Spotlight’s On Chesterfield”

Magazine advertisement

“19,293 Dentists Advise”

Viceroy cigarettes magazine advertisement

“An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure”

Philip Morris magazine advertisement
Circa 1940

“The Great Smoking Debate: The American Cancer Society vs. Mr. Butts”

Brochure published by the American Cancer Society and illustrated by Garry Trudeau

Op-ed by Frank A. Oski, MD, about his reasons for smoking, written in a satirical fashion
Chicago Sun-Times, page 24
September 29, 1979

Gary Larson of the Universal Press Syndicate

News article with cartoon by Sullivan

Paul Szep
The Boston Globe

Steve Kelley
The San Diego Union-Tribune
June 7, 1998

Wayne Stayskal
Chicago Tribune, page 27
June 15, 1981

Dale Taylor
New York Tribune

Kevin Kallaugher
May 18, 1997

David Horsey
Seattle Post-Intelligencer 

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