Big Tobacco in the Big Apple

How New York City Became the Heart of the Tobacco Industry
…and Anti Smoking Activism

Phillip Morris & Co.


Growing from the Smallest to the Largest U.S. Cigarette Maker (1:22)

Philip Morris Samples Letter

“…we have the pleasure of forwarding to you some smaples of our Original London Cigarettes,..”

C.E. Milnes-Hey to Stewart Walker
Philip Morris & Company Ltd.
January 25, 1911

“…it is a notorious fact here that I introduced Philip Morris cigarette in this city and they are now greatly used.”

Stewart Walker to C.E. Milnes-Hey
January 28, 1911

“Johnny’s On The Air”

Philip Morris company envelope with Little Johnny’s weekly
radio schedule
October 3, 1947

“That’s putting it MILDLY!”

Magazine advertisement for Philip Morris’ Country Doctor
Pipe Mixture

“Philip Morris & Co. Ltd., Inc.”

Letter from O. Parker McComas, president of Philip Morris, to Philip Morris employees about “The House That You Built” (see below) and employee benefits
April 1, 1953

“The House That You Built”

Philip Morris employee handbook, front cover
January 1, 1953

“Dear Co-worker in Philip Morris”

Alfred Lyon Chairman of the Board Letter from “The House That You Built”
January 1, 1953

Philip Morris & Co. on Bond Street

Photograph of original London location from company document

“Philip Morris for Export”

Photograph of cigarette exports from company brochure

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