Big Tobacco in the Big Apple

How New York City Became the Heart of the Tobacco Industry
…and Anti Smoking Activism

The American Tobacco Company

“Reach for a Lucky Instead of a Sweet” (1:15)

American Catalog cover

Catalogue of Presents for Tobacco Tags and Coupons

The American Tobacco Company

American Catalog Sweet Caporal

The Famous Original Cigarette

Advertisement for Sweet Caporal Cigarettes

American Catalog Sovereign

“keeps your throat cool all day long…”

Advertisement for Sovereign Cigarettes

American Catalog Mecca

“Perfect Satisfaction”

Advertisement for Mecca Cigarettes

Lucky Strike 11105 physicians

11,105* doctors say Lucky trikes prevent throat irritation

Advertisement for Lucky Strike in The Literary Digest
November 12, 1927

20,679* Physicians Say “Luckies are less irritating”

Advertisement for Lucky Strike Cigarettes

1929 Lucky Strike Ad To Keep a Slender Figure

To keep a slender figure

Advertisement for Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Physicians and Physiques – Lucky Strikes

“Do you think from your experience with Lucky Strike cigarettes that they are less irritating to sensitive or tender throats than other cigarettes, whatever the reason?”

This question posed to physicians became the basis for Lucky Strike’s claim that “Luckies are less irritating” and provided protection for the throats of smokers. These advertisements also cite singers and performers who were said to prefer Lucky Strike for its promise of “no possible injury to their voices.” Lucky Strike ads also assert that cigarettes will help maintain a “trim” or “slender” figure. These medical claims were a staple of cigarette advertising for many years.

Lucky Strike ad

“Reach for a Lucky when you crave something sweet”

Advertisement for Lucky Strike Cigarettes in The Literary Digest

The spirit of youth

Advertisement for Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike Coming Events

“Coming events…”

Advertisement for Lucky Strike Cigarettes

LuckyStrike 1

Fifth Avenue, New York

Letter to Mr. James W. Taylor, Jr. declining an idea to illustrate the “toasting” process for an advertising campaign.
August 11, 1932

The All American Team trade ad 1

The “All American Team”

Advertisement featuring a football team of American Tobacco Company Products Bull Durham, Tareyton, Lucky Strike, Hit Parade, Pall mall, Half and Half, LaCorona Tony’s 5-Pack, Pantelas, and Roi-Tan in The Tobacco Leaf
November 29, 1958

1936 Lucky Strikes postcard front

Your LUCKY STRIKE Hit Parade

Your Hit Parade was a forerunner of the contemporary Billboard Countdown for popular music, another example of a cigarette company on the leading edge of mass-media.

Spirit of American art print  bdr

“Coming events…”

Advertisement for Lucky Strike Cigarettes


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