Big Tobacco in the Big Apple

How New York City Became the Heart of the Tobacco Industry
…and Anti Smoking Activism

William G. Cahan, MD

A Tireless Fighter Against Smoking (1:07 / 0:32)


– William Cahan & Individual Advocacy Within Institutions


Drs. William Cahan, Alan Blum, and C. Everett Koop

Photograph, Smoke-Free America Awards reception, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

January 18, 1996

“People for a smoke-free indoors”

Propaganda button

Circa 1985

“Celebrating the Life of A Courageous American”

Newspaper advertisement honoring Dr. William Cahan

October 2001

“William G. Cahan, 87, Surgeon and Tobacco Foe, Dies”

Obituary by Thomas J. Lueck
The New York Times

October 9, 2001

“The Tisch Hospital Letters”

Correspondence between William Cahan, MD, and New York University (NYU) President John Brademas on the ethics of naming an NYU hospital after the head of a cigarette company
7 Days, page 9

July 12, 1989


Cover of the women’s magazine that stopped accepting cigarette advertising

April 1990

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