Big Tobacco in the Big Apple

How New York City Became the Heart of the Tobacco Industry
…and Anti Smoking Activism

Anti-Smoking Efforts

– Introduction and 1987 Remarks

– Motivations: Dr. Anselm’s Motivation & Beth Israel Med Center

– Absence of Health Institutions in Anti-Smoking Efforts

– Measures and Outcomes: No Outcomes, Measures, Shift in 1993 & Peter Vallone

– Resistance: Resistance to Smoke-Free Air Laws & Restaurants

– Mike Caldwell: Mike Caldwell & Mt. Sinai Hospital Board

– Access to Major Centers & “No Free Lunch”

– Peter Vallone, 1993 Sponsor, William Cahan MD, & Joe Cherner

– Phil Konigsberg Introduction and His Work as a Smoke-Free Advocate in New York City

– “I Felt Tobacco Smoke, Secondhand Smoke, was so Dangerous…to be Exposed to”

– “So many people smoked”

– Introduction

– Getting the Word Out

– “I Just Want to Stop the Fights”

– Fights over Smoking Bans

– Smoking Fan

– The History of Anti-Smoking Efforts in New York City; Alexa Gets the Final Say


“Celebrating the Life of A Courageous American”

Newspaper advertisement honoring Dr. William Cahan
October 2001

“A Legend Turns to Selling Social Change”

Photographic image from article about Tony Schwartz
The New York Times, page D10

“The World Cigarette Pandemic”

First-ever theme issue on tobacco published by an American medical journal
New York State Journal of Medicine
December 1983

“The World Cigarette Pandemic, Part II”

New York State Journal of Medicine
July 1985

“Harlem Residents Protest Liquor and Tobacco Ads”

Photographic image of Reverend Calvin Butts painting over a billboard advertising cigarettes in Harlem
The New York Times

“Koch Pushes Smoking Ban”

Cover story
New York Daily News
March 22, 1986

“100% Smoke-Free Air Law”

SmokeFree Air newsletter published by Smoke-Free Educational Services, Inc.
Fall/Winter 1998

“Senate Committee Approves New Cigarette Warning”

Smoking and Health Reporter, page 1
Published by National Interagency on Smoking and Health
October 1983

“American Heart Association Releases ‘Counter Ad’”

Smoking and Health Reporter, page 1
July 1985

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