Ed Anselm

Edward Anselm, M.D.

Dr. Anselm obtained his medical degree from the University of Health Sciences–The Chicago Medical School in 1982 and completed an internal medicine residency at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. He has served as Chief Medical Officer at several health plans including Emblem, Fidelis, and Health Republic, and he has long one of the nation’s foremost proponents for greater emphasis on smoking cessation in managed care.

Dr. Anselm teaches at the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where the courses he developed on smoking cessation strategies became part of the required curriculum for all third-year medical students.

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Ed Anselm Introduction and 1987 Remarks

1987 Indoor Air Quality Act & New York Times

Dr. Anselm's Motivation & Beth Israel Med Center

No Outcomes, Measures, Shift in 1993 & Peter Vallone

Peter Vallone, 1993 Sponsor, William Cahan MD, & Joe Cherner

Threshold Event is Funding, After 2002, & Bloomberg

Resistance to Smoke Free Air Laws, & Restaurants

Hospitals Don't Take Public Health Positions & Plenty of Other Sexy Things To Do

Hospitals, Health Plans & Major Healthcare Institutions

"If you don't measure it, you don't manage it."

Adapting DOC Materials for Schools

Early Stop Smoking Clinic Success & ACS Complacency

Cahan & Individual Advocacy Within Institutions

Cognitive Bias & Fixed Expectation

Harold Freeman, MD.

Blum & Anselm, Medical Commissioners and Hospitals

Mike Caldwell & Mt. Sinai Hospital Board

Access to Major Centers & "No Free Lunch"

Joe Cherner & Smokefree Education Services

Anti-Business Policies

McSmoke Recollection

New York City Health Commission, Combining Consumerism and Behaviorism

Were New York City Pro Health Efforts Effective?

Concerning Taxes and Loose Cigarette Sales

Bloomberg & Nanny State Criticisms

Bloomberg Effectiveness


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