Anti Smoking Efforts

– Introduction and 1987 Remarks

– Motivations: Dr. Anselm’s Motivation & Beth Israel Med Center

– Absence of Health Institutions in Anti-Smoking Efforts

– Measures and Outcomes: No Outcomes, Measures, Shift in 1993 & Peter Vallone

– Resistance: Resistance to Smoke-Free Air Laws & Restaurants

– Mike Caldwell: Mike Caldwell & Mt. Sinai Hospital Board

– Access to Major Centers & “No Free Lunch”

– Peter Vallone, 1993 Sponsor, William Cahan MD, & Joe Cherner

– Phil Konigsberg Introduction and His Work as a Smoke-Free Advocate in New York City

– “I Felt Tobacco Smoke, Secondhand Smoke, was so Dangerous…to be Exposed to”

– “So many people smoked”

– Introduction

– Getting the Word Out

– “I Just Want to Stop the Fights”

– Fights over Smoking Bans

– Smoking Fan

– The History of Anti-Smoking Efforts in New York City; Alexa Gets the Final Say