Minorities And Smoking Of Mice and Menthol The Targeting of African Americans by the Tobacco Industry

The Power of Tobacco Marketing

Cigarette Promotion by African-American Athletes

Tobacco companies sought to appeal to African-American sports fans by enlisting notable and respected athletes to promote their products, including former world heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis and baseball players Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, and Elston Howard.

1948 Joe Louis for Chesterfield

“In my restaurant in New York Chesterfield is by far the largest selling cigarette”

Advertising postcard featuring boxer Joe Louis

1950 01 04 Sporting News Jackie Robinson for Chesterfield

“Take My Tip”

Chesterfield advertisement featuring Jackie Robinson
The Sporting News
January 4, 1950

1960 Elston Howard for Kool

“N.Y. Yankee Star Elston Howard Smokes KOOL!”

Magazine advertisement featuring New York Yankees catcher and left fielder Elston Howard

1962 Hank Aaron for Camel

“‘Can’t beat ’em for flavor,’ says Hank.”

Camel magazine advertisement featuring Milwaukee Braves right fielder Hank Aaron

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