Minorities And Smoking Of Mice and Menthol The Targeting of African Americans by the Tobacco Industry
1999 06 17 Houston Chronicle 34 Indian Tribes Suit Tobacco Companies

“34 American-Indian tribes sue tobacco companies”

News article by Rebecca Lopez about a lawsuit against tobacco companies brought by American-Indian tribes, accusing the companies of manipulating the nicotine levels in cigarettes to lead to addiction
Houston Chronicle, page 13A
June 17, 1999

1999 06 17 USA Today 34 Indian Tribes File Suit

“34 Indian tribes file suit over tobacco illnesses”

News article
USA Today, page 3A
June 17, 1999

1999 09 24 Phil. Inquirer Novel Tobacco Lawsuit Dismissed 1

“A Novel Tobacco Lawsuit Dismissed”

News article by Joseph A. Slobodzian about the dismissal of a lawsuit that claimed that the tobacco industry violated the civil rights of African-Americans by targeting their communities in advertising and marketing campaigns
The Philadelphia Inquirer, page B3
September 24, 1999

Minority Lawsuits

During the 1990s, many smokers and their families brought thousands of individual and class action lawsuits against the tobacco industry, seeking financial compensation for the health care costs of smoking-related diseases. Plaintiffs also included members of ethnic minority groups, such as Native Americans and African Americans. Ironically, efforts to restrict or ban the sale of tax-free cigarettes on Native American reservations were not a high priority for either public health associations or plaintiff attorneys.