Minorities And Smoking Of Mice and Menthol The Targeting of African Americans by the Tobacco Industry
1983 Play It Kool The Magazine of Music

Play It Kool: The Magazine of Music…From Kool

Magazine produced by Brown & Williamson, front and back covers

1986 Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Ad Sponsor PM 1

“They speak your language”

Philip Morris magazine advertisement for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Sponsorship of the Arts
By the Tobacco Industry

As African-American and Latino culture became synonymous with popular American culture, cigarette makers attempted to appeal to minority community markets by co-opting aspects of their culture, such as their art, music, and dance. In particular, the musical genres of jazz, rock and roll, funk, disco, rhythm and blues, and hip-hop became inextricably linked to smoking.

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