Cigarette Promotion at Medical Conventions

The Unfiltered Truth About Smoking and Health

By 1942, the major cigarette manufacturers, including R. J. Reynolds, P. Lorillard, Brown & Williamson, and Philip Morris, were exhibitors at major medical meetings, notably the annual convention of the American Medical Association (AMA).
Cigarette companies were sponsors of most state medical society annual meetings until well into the 1960s.  Physicians attending the annual convention of the Kentucky Medical Association were given cartons of camel Cigarettes until the mid-1980s.

1959 Kent National Medical Association Detroit sized Green Box Photo

Kent cigarette pack, booklet, and box

Promotional items given to doctors at the annual meeting of the National Medical Association in Detroit, Michigan

1953 06 20 Tobacco Leaf Parliament Booth at AMA Convention

“Parliament cigarettes were represented”

Photographic image of the Parliament booth at the annual AMA convention held in New York City
The Tobacco Leaf, page 11
June 20, 1953

1953 12 26 Tobacco Leaf Parliament Booth at AMA Clinical Session

“Norman H. Grulich and Alan H. Bick, from the New York office, represented Benson & Hedges”

Photographic image of the Parliament booth at the AMA clinical session held in St. Louis
The Tobacco Leaf, interior page
December 26, 1953

“Camel invites you”

Advertisement for the Camel exhibit at the annual
AMA convention
New York State Journal of Medicine, vol. 42, no. 11,
front cover and page 1027
June 1, 1942

“A.M.A. Technical Exhibits”

Pocket map of the exhibitor booths at the AMA annual convention held in Chicago, with Camel and Philip Morris as two of the exhibitors
June 21-25, 1948

n.d. Willie the Penguin Figurine

“Dr. Kool”

Statuette of penguin mascot for Kool cigarettes, known as “Willie” and often portrayed as a doctor
Promotional item given to doctors at medical conferences by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company
Circa 1940s

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