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The Cigarette at War

World War I was a devastating conflict that raged over thirty-two countries across the world. The principal theater of war was continental Europe, and the map below features the western front of the conflict. Scroll over each circled location to see depictions of cigarettes in battle drawn from the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the United States Army Signal Corps.

On this map of Europe [or the Western Front] during World War I, pause the mouse over each white circle to view an image and caption.
Click on any white circle to view the gallery of 6 images. Click on the map behind the image to exit the gallery.

“Cigarettes for the American soldiers in Hospital in Great Britain. Millions of them are kept in Red Cross bonded warehouses.”


“Italian soldier holding illustrated newspaper gets his cigarette lit by another soldier near Piave River, Italy”


“Belgian clergyman with cigar dressing the wounds of two soldiers smoking cigarettes”


“German officer lights the cigarette of a wounded Russian soldier who sought shelter in a hole dug by an exploded shell.”


“The German crown prince, Friedrich Wilhelm, commander of the German 5th Army (second from the right), rests after a battle while he and his aides enjoy cigarettes.”


“An Italian soldier lights the cigarette of a fellow comrade in arms.”

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