Up In Smoke

“The Airline Flight Attendants’ Fight to End Smoking Aloft”

This collection contains items related to airlines and smoking and is a result of gathering material about the fight of flight attendants for smoke-free airlines. Materials in the collection include exhibitions, presentations, advertisements, newspaper articles, magazine articles, journal articles, political cartoons, artifacts, and correspondence, xeroxed documents, among other items. The original artifacts include airline ashtrays, trading cards, sample cigarette packs, menus, flight attendant handbooks, brochures, and other memorabilia related to the culture of smoking aboard commercial aircraft. There are also several high-quality images on foam-core used in traveling exhibitions. The dates of items in this collection range from 1916 to 2012.

The Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI) was formed from a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of non-smoking flight attendants by Florida attorneys Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt in October 1991 in the Dade County Circuit Court against the tobacco industry. The suit brought damages for diseases and deaths caused to non-smoking flight attendants from exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in airline cabins. The settlement from this suit included the establishment of a medical and scientific research entity with funding by the tobacco industry.

Upon approval of the Circuit Court, FAMRI was formed as a not-for-profit foundation in 2000. According to the FAMRI website, FAMRI’s mission statement is “to sponsor scientific and medical research for the early detection, prevention, treatment and cure of diseases and medical conditions caused from exposure to tobacco smoke and to ensure that health care providers ask the right questions of their patients about second hand tobacco smoke exposure.

n.d. - cigarette pack - Air Hostess Cigarettes
Spanish language Ad for Chesterfield featuring a smiling flight attendant en todas partes es Chesterfield
Camel Ad Women prefer
Lucky Strike Amelia Earhart
1957 United Airlines Modern Families
Chesterfield Sound Off ad wm
1958 United Airlines The Executives

Wayne Stayskal
Chicago Tribune, page 22
August 3, 1981

Stayskal Cartoon - No Smoking & Grumbling Section

Wayne Stayskal
Tampa Tribune

Dave Granlund
Middlesex News

Oliphant Cartoon - Designated Smoking Area

Pat Oliphant
The Saratogian/Tri-County News(Saratoga Springs, New York), page 6A
June 8, 1984

Wayne Stayskal - Tampa Tribune - Emergency - 1986

Wayne Stayskal
Tampa Tribune

Wayne Stayskal
Tampa Tribune

Wayne Stayskal
Tampa Tribune

Koterba Cartoon Airline Smoking Ban 1

Jeff Koterba
Omaha World-Herald (Omaha, Nebraska)

Brookins Cartoon Sen. Helms Supports Smokers Rights 1

Gary Brookins
Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia)
September 15, 198

1988 Prigge Cartoon Ripleys Believe It or Else

Milt Priggee
The Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle
March 25, 1988

Locher Cartoon Praying Smoking 1

Dick Locher
Chicago Tribune

A short propaganda clip featuring actor Michael Conrad which attempts to de-legitimize the concern about smoking on airplanes.

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