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In 2016 plain cigarette packaging was introduced in the United Kingdom, France, and New Zealand. Ireland followed in 2018 and Hungary and Canada in 2019. Even if these measures aimed at curbing the tobacco industry’s use of the package as a promotional mini-billboard have yet to achieve the drop in cigarette consumption that proponents had hoped for, plain packaging has thrown a wrench into business-as-usual and has irritated libertarian ideologues. In an essay, “Beware the Nanny State,” in the July 2016 issue of the trade journal Tobacco Reporter, Christopher Snowdon, head of “lifestyle economics” at the UK’s Institute of Economic Affairs, a free-market think-tank funded in part by the tobacco industry, claims that the introduction of plain packaging in Britain is “infantilizing consumers by stripping them of their freedom to make their own decisions in accordance with their own judgment.” He adds, “These laws could boost organized crime, hamper investment, affect jobs and damage small businesses.”  That they might also save lives is none of his business.