Stan Sawyer, Salem Cigarettes, & Space Hoppers

In May 2021, Los Angeles family physician Howard Sawyer, MD, contacted the Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society after reading the cover story in the May 7, 2021 issue of The Cancer Letter,  “The unKOOL, unfiltered history of menthol cigarettes” which led him to the Center’s exhibition Of Mice and Menthol: The Targeting of African Americans by the Tobacco Industry. Dr. Sawyer revealed that the announcer’s voice on the Salem cigarette commercial in the exhibition is that of his father, Stan Sawyer, a radio broadcaster and actor in New York who was known as “The man of a thousand voices.” Around the time he was recording cigarette commercials, he also starred (from 1953 to 1955) as Captain Jet in “Space Hoppers,” a popular local children’s TV show.

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