Internships at The Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society


The Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society at the University of Alabama is proud to partner with the School of Library Information Studies in the College Of Communication & Information Sciences to offer internships to graduate students in the field of archival science.

Using the unique collection at CSTS, the internship program gives participants a hands-on learning experience with archival materials, processes, and interfaces. As a working laboratory collection students are able to engage meaningfully in the day-to-day work of archivists from arrangement and description, digital imaging, meta-data entry and processing, and exhibition design and development.

Students gain critical insight into the methods and workings of archival administration and utilization by working with a qualified archivist and collection manager and a world-renown content expert on the global tobacco pandemic.

The Center’s new home in Quad A of the Northeast Medical Building features state of the art archival storage facilities.