Highlights of the Collection

Highlights of the Collection consists of approximately 25 items that appropriately encapsulates the purpose of the archive as a whole. It contains items that uniquely cover all sides of the tobacco issue and in turn demonstrate the historically ironic relationship between the medical profession and the tobacco industry.

Other items highlight the general history of the issue and how society has (or has not) dealt with tobacco-related problems over time. Each item in this collection has a story, and further represents a significant time or event in tobacco history.

Inaugural issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association and JAMA ashtray

June 1950

Mayo-Clinic Cigarette Case

Reproduction of New York Times headline on Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health, signed by US Surgeon General Luther Terry

Kent Micronite Filter Cigarette

Advertisement and Cigarettes

Miner-Matic Candy Cigarette Bank

Crica Mid 20th Century

Dr Benjamin Waterhouse’s Lecture on Tobacco’s Evil Tendencies


Women and Heart Disease with accompanying Camel Ad 


Camel Suitcase Promotional

New York State Journal of Medicine
Cigarette Underworld: A Front Line Report on the War Against Your Lungs


“Tobacco’s effects historically given little attention”

Pioneer Press
January 25, 1998

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